Our philosophy puts the child at the centre of everything we do

The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Early Learning Centre is a place where young learners thrive. We provide long day care for girls and boys aged from 15 months to four years in a safe and nurturing environment. Children can inquire, discover, create, explore and question - igniting their sense of wonder, encouraging their curiosity, inspiring their minds and nurturing their hearts.

Why choose us?

We ensure a warm, secure and safe environment

We offer unique learning aligned to the Moreton Bay College International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

We value the relationships with our families and connect them with their child's learning and development.

We are connected to nature with large green spaces providing plenty of room for play and exploration.

What parents say

"The Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a beautiful Centre with a carefully curated, rich and meaningful programme. It is with intention that materials are chosen and displayed, provoking curiosity amongst even the youngest of citizens. The materials become the tools with which the children give form to and express their understanding of the world around them and the meanings they have constructed. This is all possible through the nurturing and caring relationships the staff have with all children and the very important gift of time, which allows the child to experiment and express theories and ideas. We are forever grateful to the staff of the ELC and the rich learning it inspires." - Parent Room 3 – Yungun

"The Moreton Bay College’s ELC is more than a childcare provider in which love and care is at the forefront of centre. The shear depth of knowledge and genuine love that each of the educators has for the children has meant that our little one has developed both personal and social confidence to learn and grow in her own unique way. The realities of raising young children in the busy, fast paced, and ever-changing world that we live in is supported by the centre, whereby parents and caregivers are offered friendly and valuable support through their child’s dedicated educators, various technological platforms, and in-centre opportunities. Such experiences have allowed my partner and I to build strong foundations to support our little one in her educational journey. Quite simply, the ELC is our home away from home in which the moment we step in the front door we feel loved and supported every day." - Parent Room 2 – Bunbiya

Our Educators

Our high-quality professional educators are committed to and passionate about early childhood education and care. We create an environment that promotes and enables children’s participation and is welcoming and inclusive for all children and their families. Our educators are continually evaluating how our curriculum meets the educational needs of our children and reflecting on ways to improve children’s learning and development.

Our licensing and management
Child care subsidy

Our licensing and management

The Moreton Bay Colleges Early Learning Centre is an approved service and complies with the Education and Care Services National Regulations. It is managed and operated by Moreton Bay College. Our qualified staff are trained to provide the best possible care for the children entrusted to them.

To arrange a personal tour of our Early Learning Centre or for further information regarding how your child may join our Early Learning Centre, please email us at hello@mbcelc.qld.edu.au or telephone (07) 3249 9359.

Child care subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy is how the Government assists families with their childcare fees. The Child Care Subsidy that commenced on 2 July 2018:

  • Replaced the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) with a single, means-tested subsidy.
  • Is generally paid directly to the childcare providers to be passed on to families.
  • Is simpler than the previous multi-payment system.
  • Is better targeted and provides more assistance to low and middle-income families.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a Commonwealth Government subsidy provided to approved childcare services. It is based on the family's taxable income and the number of dependent children in childcare. Families can apply for CCS by lodging a claim with the Department of Human Services. This subsidy is then used to reduce the amount that parents are required to pay to come to the centre.

For additional or up-to-date information, please contact the Department of Human Services by visiting www.humanservices.gov.au or calling 13 61 50.

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We purposefully give children time to discover, investigate, question, develop relationships and create a sense of wonder through their play and enquiry.
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